v.a. - death # disco compilation volume IV. dd04

v.a. - death # disco compilation volume IV. cd

death # disco. dd04

death # disco is monthly club night in berlin with changing international live acts and well reputed djs, offering the best in cold wave, minimal synth, post punk, industrial and electronic underground sounds. w/ exclusive material by the devil & the universe, klangstabil, distel, bestial mouths, the soft moon, tropic of cancer, animal bodies, pure ground, cosmetics, xeno & oaklander and more. limited edtion of 777 hand-numbered copies, 2014.


1 what time is love? the devil & the universe
2 native state-remix kontravoid
3 new frustration adult.
4 ta fin du monde police des moeurs
5 armida lust for youth
6 reel-radio edit m!r!m
7 make room! make room! nöi kabát
8 such a fragile thing we are sine city
9 ricky newclear waves feat. clara hall
10 cinecittà klangstabil
11 hxxx distel
12 mini-suknja i psihoanaliza umrijeti za strojem
13 reunion-soft metals remix bestial mouths
14 meanings froe char
15 it's getting late sololust
16 washed away kinder aus asbest
17 hunger-death # disco remix the soft moon
18 keuka dream phosphor
19 nephilim neugeborene nachtmusik
20 religion ascetic:
1 decayed thorns of the rose animal bodies
2 monitor xtr human
3 pretender-ep version black marble
4 sphinx chevalier avant garde
5 pantomimed drowning unur
6 the brightest days winter severity index
7 ögat som ser blipblop
8 centuries in gold pure ground
9 achtung achtung echo west
10 dark eye the invincible spirit
11 still cold dream affair
12 vision and prayer illustration sonore
13 nuage d'ivoire xeno & oaklander
14 so electric novva falla
15 breakdown cosmetics
16 hymne a la joie merci la nuit
17 dying city-blackmail remix frustration
18 court of devotion tropic of cancer
19 so far away sally dige