v.a. - death # disco compilation volume III. dd03

v.a. - death # disco compilation volume III. cd

death # disco. dd03

death # disco is monthly club night in berlin with changing international live acts and well reputed djs, offering the best in cold wave, minimal synth, post punk, industrial and electronic underground sounds. w/ exclusive material by velvet condom, ulterior, mushy, cult of youth, lebanon hanover, mueran humanos, tobias bernstrup and more. limited edtion of 777 hand-numbered copies, 2013.


1 sex robot eleven pond
2 kalter lippenstift-in death it ends remix velvet condom
3 kraken unhappybirthday
4 miss america ulterior
5 even in danger the present moment
6 let me go-dj edit mushy
7 moonlight xiu
8 softcore //zoo
9 viento gris •y•
10 no exit frank alpine
11 sidestreets cult of youth
12 démarche frank just frank
13 knut ill winds
14 gallowdance lebanon hanover
15 festival de las luces-7'' remix mueran humanos
16 i can only tell you something from the end an:idea
17 surround-martial canterel remix tobias bernstrup
18 fall-teenage sin taste remix the lost rivers
19 a darkness in my soul led er est
20 heartland kiss the anus of a black cat
21 witch's hammer-holy trinity version king dude