v.a. - modern movement. a+w mm

v.a. - modern movement. book, cd

aufnahme + wiedergabe. a+w mm

47 beautiful portraits of berlin's finest captured by london's magnificent photographer tom kavanagh. the modern movement book is also accompanied by an 18-track compilation of artists in the publication: velvet condom, jemek jemowit, mueran humanos, sixth june, petra flurr and more - curated and produced by jen ellerson and aufnahme + wiedergabe. limited edition of 400 hand-numbered copies, 2013.


1 u-bahn gertrud stein
2 bigos jemek jemowit
3 man vs. air mary ocher + your government
4 in my room germinal
5 moon noisy pig
6 23 views privacy
7 stormy weather-live nao katafuchi
8 rouge city velvet condom
9 bruder petra flurr + modernista
10 low passion-brighton edit aniaetleprogrammeur
11 saint sebastian nuclear family
12 adicto a las despedidas mueran humanos
13 come closer sixth june
14 pflanzen unter dem eis oberst panizza
15 hoffnung bloodygrave & die lust
16 gem of the murk reckless redemption
17 surly team pi$$
18 cutthroat reliq