haunted summer (2nd edition). a+w cd007

the devil & the universe
haunted summer (2nd edition). cd

aufnahme + wiedergabe. a+w cd007

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in 1816, lord byron invited a group of youthful art-lovers to spend an idyllic summer in his geneva's lakeside mansion: the famed villa diodati. byron and his invitees stayed indoors nearly the whole summertime and entertained themselves, not only by writing scary stories but also indulging in unfettered orgies of drugs, sex and occult. drawing on that spirit of free-thinking and transgression, the devil & the universe created their second full-length album. the cd includes four additional bonus tracks. 2nd edition limited to 200 hand-numbered copies, 2015.


1 haunted summer
2 stygian
3 cloak of dispersion
4 danaus plexippus
5 the goat head
6 the curse of byron
7 calling of the shades
8 phantasmagoria
9 gipfelrausch
10 elisa fields
11 womb of the night
12 haunted meadow
13 diodati 1816