alien overdrive. act196

alien overdrive. cd

ant-zen. act196

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during the last ten years sonar has become one of the most well-known and appreciated rhythmic-industrial projects. countless releases and high-energetic live performances assured their top position in this genre. for those unfamiliar, sonar's sound can be described as synthesized outbursts, strategically placed samples and droning bass pulses, corseted in strict driving beats and minimalistic sequences. presently the sonar line-up consists of dirk ivens (dive, the klinik, absolute body control) and eric van wonterghem (monolith, insekt, absolute body control). alien overdrive displays sonar's professional skill in diversifying a well-known style of industrial music, making it fresh and exiting. the straightness of the tracks works perfectly as a catalyst that makes you move your body. then again, this music's specific feature is displayed subliminally, f.e. unusual syncopations ('vanished'), accentuations on the off-beat ('bad man') or a constant state of the rhythmic flux without an actual beat ('transfo funk'). the more often you will listen to it, the more you will discover. the three remixes at the end of this album make a fine addition; ranging from morgenstern's mixture of dark atmospheric soundscapes and pounding dance beats to german industrial legend marita schreck's 16th-note tekknoise and belarussian ambassador 21 who offers this release's fastest track - a powerful orgy of rhythmic assaults. this is the first sonar release on ant-zen in almost a decade - play at maximum volume!


1 transparant pilots
2 consume
3 vanished
4 bad man
5 alien overdrive
6 red capsules
7 one mile away
8 transfo funk
9 striking backwards
10 aval
11 consume - morgenstern remix
12 red capsules - marita schreck remix
13 alien overdrive - ambassador 21 remix