solar café. dbvn05

solar café. 12"

deafborn. dbvn05

by combining found noises and field-recorded nature with minimal fragile surfer-tone post-rock-guitars, drones and fuzzy low-end bass-lines, melanchoholics create mad extensive soundscapes and almost cinematic soundtracks to psychotic euphoria and intoxicated wastelands. after releasing on drone records, mndr and deafborn, solar café is their final low-end manifesto for low-end connoisseurs. 180g red vinyl incl. download code w/ bonus material. pro printed cardboard cover. printed sleeve, insert, shrinkwrap, sticker. limited 400 copies.


1 rotten city radio
2 adam dunkel
3 paranoia lodge
4 hiring bearded women
5 solar café
6 presence of absence
7 the end belongs to this world
8 minus1one