fragmented. mtr020cd

nour fawzi
fragmented. cd

mindtrick records. mtr020cd

nour fawzi is a dutch/egyptian producer/sounddesigner with it`s roots in the dutch tekno scene. he wanted to do more and be creatively free, so over the years he expanded his sound and created a vision on music which is absolutely unique. his 12 track album is called 'fragmented'. highly technical but still organic, combining advanced synthesis & sample wizardry 'fragmented' clearly shows how contrasts can accentuate. foley type sound design, heavily edited sample melancholy and brutal basslines put together in an extraordinarily unique and natural sounding fashion, utilizing all disciplines electronic music production has to offer. the dutch/egyptian producer displays an extensive skill set as the album progresses further, blending seamlessly into a cohesive narrative that is most likely some ominous fairytale. like a novel has chapters the individual songs become part of a larger composition, compelling the listener to hear how the story ends. incredibly diverse and still maintaining a very distinctive style nour fawzi's pristine mixing fuses a striking array of audible oddities, nostalgic, brutally dark, wondrous and at times even delicate. this remarkable d├ębut album is a gluttonous feast of high quality recording technique, from the field to patching modular synths, from intricately sliced drums to crackly obscure vinyl sampling, melded into what electronic music should be... . digipak packaging.


1 as all things
2 nostalgia
3 brushing by
4 flawless
5 negatory
6 cold fusion part 1
7 cold fusion part 2
8 phantomise
9 contortionism
10 strum
11 this is goodbye...