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orage magnétique are magnetic storms. this describes the album of sans-fin very good. bearing, melodies and drones, combined with hypnotic beats pulling the listener in its spell. it is difficult to move away from this album if you once immersed into the world of sans-fin. such as magnetic storms, swirling beautiful, almost unreal-looking musical particles around you. captivating and beautiful. cleverly produced and at the point. this is really a very strong first album of this german artist.


1 s' affaler
2 esseulé
3 grand vent
4 lutte
5 se détendre
6 se noircir
7 ègarement
8 pluies
9 à la rue
10 bruire
11 grand vent (bourrasques de hyt)
12 obscurité (signalstoerung remix)
13 pluies (d'acide sulfurique)