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the second album of the greek post-industrial project of vassilis angelopoulos (we came from waters, kepler's vision), will be called nunavut. like with the first album, the subject of shamanism will be present, but with a slight difference on this new album: the description of a dystopian place covered in ice, the country of nunavut which resides in northest part of the inhabited earth. gloomy worlds open up and take the listener trapped in his melancholy. nunavut draws you into the abyss of the sound. pure, clear, honest and without compromise. like the first one, there will be collaborations too, like the vocals of xthug15x from the greek hardcore band psycorepaths.


1 sastrugi
2 hard rimes
3 nunavut
4 angakkuq
5 frost circle
6 november
7 polynya
8 permafrost
9 graupel
10 the hunt
11 the last night
12 sastrugi (талос remix)
13 the hunt (endless torment remix by infekkted)