scenes from a galton's walk. act192

synapscape / asche
scenes from a galton's walk. mp3 album

ant-zen. act192

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seven tracks by synapscape and six tracks from asche - this could have been 2 new cd-eps. well, here you get 1 new full-time cd instead! the act! was just finished, but synapscape still had more. seven new tracks where t.kniep and philipp m√ľnch keep the beat straight, the vocals distorted, and the pace fast; however, they let the dancers catch their breath with 'karambolage' and 'situation eight'. so what are you doing with whitenoise, baby? go enjoy it! after three years, several compilation appearances and re-releases of older material on cd-r there is a new sign of life from asche. more distortion, more beats, more disturbing voices and vocals - and more names: this morn' omina collaborated with andreas schramm on 'petunia', which was re-edited by moctan on 'falling to the ground'. rhythmic rage meets droning darkness - asche, make my day!


1 what are you doing to whitenoise baby?
2 got up
3 scrambling daylight
4 karambolage
5 racer x
6 tragic figures
7 situation eight
8 babylon (chaos)
9 petunia
10 made my day (v3)
11 killers
12 2nd scrape (version)
13 falling to the ground (petunia rmx) by moctan