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with his latest album presents us mp45 his quiet side. ambient / drone kiss tribal beats and take the listener into the world of pat lehmann. dreamy, harmonious and mesmerizing. the wonderful world of still moments offers listeners the opportunity to let yourself be carried away.


1 a heaven moment
2 ghostmachine
3 lost in space
4 time
5 still moment
6 bloody november
7 ghost hack
8 lost
9 outro
10 bloody november (philipp m√ľnch battle mix)
11 lost in space (frl. linientreu mix)
12 lost in space (crossroads &
13 wormholex mix by heimstatt yipotash)
14 ghostmachine (greyhound mix)
15 bloody november (stahlschlag mix)
16 still moment (through the looking glass mix by tyn)