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ant-zen. act189

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yann faussurier's work can be defined as a combination of dark fearful ambient soundscapes and heavy rhythmic beat assaults. some of iszoloscope's releases, f.e. 'aquifére' and 'les gorges des limbes', are located in the 'ambient' sector, while albums like 'coagulating wreckage' and 'au seuil du nèant' also target the rhythmic region. on 'the audient void', yann takes 'au seuil du néant's concept one step further. there was once a more strict separation of ambient spheres and hard beats but now there are eight tracks which have to be heard as a whole unit. the straight rhythms and mighty pulsing basses are fully embedded inside the soundtrackish tunes and haunting voice samples - sounds emerge, pump, disappear and re-appear - all of which raises the speed from track to track into a raging climax that finally discards. an ultimate listening experience for industrial enthusiasts - highly recommended.


1 the audient void
2 the sum of us all
3 raudivian device
4 the path of totality (part one)
5 insubstantiality
6 from hollow
7 unto deeper calling
8 heard voices (album version)
9 the path of totality (part two)