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"pflichtkauf and maschinenfest regular marcus delivers his 5th album in ten years - and returns to the simple and effective approach of the debut: a dozen tracks around the the five-minute-mark, all driven by burly midtempo beats, a rigid structure like the bridge’s stopes on the grey cover. what puts the stamp on 'therapie' are the trademark psycho sounds and the analogue, 'handmade' feel of the music, giving it a fragile and intimate quality, perfectly relating to dm’s leitmotif of psychotherapy. on 'therapie' marcus discards the dark, song-like structure and the collaborative approach of the predecessor '…is like so' and works all on his own again, the result being quite good news for those who liked his earlier rhythmic works. the twelve tracks are all named 'sitzung' = sessions with the numbering strangely random. the 59 minutes of this album are a perfect example of how a straight rhythmic and ongoing composition can yet grasp the listener’s attention and work on two levels: the aggression never takes the upper hand, so comfortable home listening is never endangered, yet the strength of beats recommends 'therapie' for DJ use, whatever mood fits best. in the end, what convices you is the atmosphere dazzling malicious manages to create, with the sparing use of samples, effective melody lines and a unique, gritty production, sounding as if there was some patina on the music. if you engage in therapie, you might even find some remedy for yourself! pflicht059 comes in a black digipack with shiny black tray and silver print.


1 sitzung 09
2 sitzung 04
3 sitzung 01
4 sitzung 06
5 sitzung 10
6 sitzung 08
7 sitzung 13
8 sitzung 14
9 sitzung 07
10 sitzung 12
11 sitzung 15
12 sitzung 11