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ant-zen. act188

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with this new release, morgenstern are officially andrea börner and andreas schramm (asche). over the years, both tribal, rhythmic and dark, atmospheric facets of morgenstern's work fused together. the separation of beat-oriented tracks and soundscape pieces disappeared and the fusion of different styles took their place. 'two different faces' is the perfect proof that this merging of styles is possible. ritualistic beats meet dark and drony loops. surrealistic samples are added with merciless noises and dark collages. morgenstern's voices on one side, ear-drilling subbasses on the other. two different sides - two different faces - one perfect instrument to reach the 'hypernoid state', which means a state of 'hypnosis' and 'hysteria'. once you are done with the 10 regular tracks then you can go and enjoy the brilliant heavy 'viewer' remix by sonar. packaging: jewelcase & 8p booklet.


1 railing
2 faces of phobia
3 new day
4 looking down a hill
5 viewer
6 longing for sand
7 beasts
8 frozen moments
9 memories
10 radio rip
11 viewer (sonar rmx)