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if hypnoskull's recent work could be defined in a word then 'diversification' would be the word. he has always been an open minded human being and who collaborates with musicians of all genres. patrick stevens has moved far beyond the 'hardcore' corset he is still associated with. stevens' self-concept doesn't care about 'boundaries' of any kind. 'panik mekanik' perfectly displays that there are no reservations whatsoever in p.stevens' work. on this album you will find a large variety of styles, ranging from heavy breakbeats and drum'n'bass to dark hop and even ambient and soundtrackish tunes. but in each and every note you recognize that it's the unmistakable hypnoskull. fast break-attacks like 'the self detonation device' and 'in thee air' - that's patrick as you might know him from his' high-energetic live performances. 'mekanodruggembryo' or 'basement alpha mission triggerz' show the dark, moody hypno-side - and these tracks only show a few facets... it took a long process of selections, queries and adjustments to finalize 'panik mekanik', but as always the effort was worth it - the end result being a fantastic piece of work. this is undoubtedly the best hypnoskull album so far - now it's your turn to evaluate!


1 the self detonation device
2 the sekret (hardstep remix)
3 it's been 1 year and 22 days (darkstep slowcore lift off)
4 turbodozer (enginez of steel remix)
5 basement alpha mission triggerz
6 the sekret part 2 (breakcore edit)
7 james B. goldfuck'r (epic drama edit)
8 sick sekretz (darkhop inferno dubplate version)
9 in thee air
10 kingston hard as steel (very hard ragga edit)
11 the sekret part 3 (two enemy machines hard drum'n bass edit)
12 it's been 1 year and 22 days (all hell is breaking loose)
13 da phantom
14 dark klub (project hard jungle remix)
15 hypnoskull feat. kenji siratori : mekanodruggembryo (nerve+lobotomy remake)
16 hypnoskull made me hardcore (outtro)