merge. adn178

merge. cd

ad noiseam. adn178

a year after '2 dots left', monolog combines styles, unites collaborators and fuses influence in his most varied album to date. 'merge' is a perfect snapshot of this musician's tastes, talents and scope, from abysmal basses to club-packing breaks and vocal-based experimentations. lyrical, warm, heavy and sharp, monolog's music takes its listener along a coherent but colourful demonstration which keeps on pushing boundaries and redefining the project itself. this might well be the album with which monolog unfolds its wide, human, and impressively powerful self.


1 the man next to you
2 tandfoi (feat. tone)
3 flux & joey juggaknotts: take a breather (monolog remix)
4 a dying user: dead and used
5 aeaegf (with balkansky)
6 in returns
7 sadness on a cloud (with balkansky)
8 a dying user: zero eight
9 zero ground (with species)
10 diasiva: make mountains
11 the siva (swarm intelligence remix)