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genetic selection
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ant-zen. act185

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in the year 2504 d.c. a non-human lifeform was found on a colonized planet and was attacking the colonists. this creature was nearly indestructible and the colonists sent an s.o.s. to earth... the entire story in german can be read on the new genetic selection release's cover. the creature itself, beautifully painted by michael hutter, is part of this release's artwork and the music is an aural description of the story's continuation... this concept album shows genetic selection's musical improvement one year after 'orbital ground attack'. distorted four-to-the-floor tracks are decisive, dark ambient soundscapes and more complex structures have been added to the industrial basics, making this cd a closed, unique step in genetic selection's evolution. 'if they want to live, they'll have to use their heads before the bugs do!' (starship troopers 2).


1 xenomorph attack
2 through hyperspace
3 dark horizon
4 drop ship
5 the earth quakes
6 abandoned places
7 human cocoons
8 infacted scientist
9 the creature
10 no way out
11 the last stand
12 alea iacta est