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innovation. participation. reward. cd, mp3 album

ant-zen. act317

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innovation. participation. reward' is the perfect supplement for black lung's recent product 'the great golden goal'. be sure you won't buy a pig in a poke - you have a free trial opportunity with the digital single 'the business of selling'. as we are sure you will satisfy yourself of this product's excellent quality while testing it, here's your choice to obtain the full package of david thrussell's recent compositions, re-designed and re-interpreted by the world's finest contemporary electronic artists. a broad stylistic spectrum ranging from dubstep, electro and manifold variations of industrial to abstract cinematic dance beats, pounding idm and mighty pulsing dub, presented by hologram_, monster zoku onsomb!, monolith, sonic area, iszoloscope, dan courtman, imminent, detritus, druc drac, displacer, lustmord, philipp münch, and jóhann eiriksson. while getting this release you will become an usufructuary of innovation and participation - don't hesitate!


1 hype & drive (hologram_ rmx)
2 the business of buying (mzo! rmx)
3 the captains of industry (monolith rmx)
4 the trickle-down effect (sonic area rmx)
5 capital engines (iszoloscope rmx)
6 price/less (dan courtman rmx)
7 the great equalizer (imminent rmx)
8 the prophet margin (detritus rmx)
9 capital engines (druc drac rmx)
10 the great golden goal (mzo! rmx)
11 the business of selling (sir real rmx)
12 the prophet margin (displacer rmx)
13 the brotherhood of saturn (lustmord rmx)
14 the captains of industry (philipp münch rmx)
15 the brotherhood of saturn (jóhann eiriksson rmx)