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with 'seeking the lost mind' rachel maloney a.k.a. tonikom emerges again, presenting a delightful, personal collection of aural explorations of her inner self and covering a wide range of electronic music of its very own. this album is a perfect, self-contained blend of idm, breakbeat and ambient dub including occasional sidesteps into conterminal territories like trance-influenced techno, complementing the core structure of tonikom. soulful, breathing abstract pads interwoven with lovely harmonies carried by constant beats with interlaced syncopated percussion programming add up to melancholic, but also hopeful, dreamy vibes. 'seeking the lost mind' is an outstanding release, pleasantly melodic and enthralling at the same time, whereat a subliminal variety of hidden treasures and shallows unfold after repeated and intense listening.


1 there is music everywhere
2 dark hand
3 nocturnal
4 the narrowing path
5 spinning away
6 kokoro
7 motomeru
8 under the mirrored surface
9 the cavern
10 drowning again
11 dug down
12 tebanasou