v.a. - hyperakusis + hyperakusis II. auphcd020.2

v.a. - hyperakusis + hyperakusis II. 2cd

audiophob. auphcd020.2

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the compilation features exclusive tracks from all current audiophob artists. feat. nerthus, tardive dyskinesia, mortaja, spherical disrupted, 2kilos &more, mandelbrot, and alarmen. limited double cd version also containing the first volume of the hyperakusis series (auphcd010, 2008).


1 minus nerthus
2 plus nerthus
3 rhythmophobia tardive dyskinesia
4 why not? tardive dyskinesia
5 terraform mortaja
6 the lake of burning sulfur mortaja
7 deimos spherical disrupted
8 deimos-blind version by 2kilos &more spherical disrupted
9 presqu'île 2kilos &more
10 in the shades mandelbrot
11 user identitiy alarmen
1 amazing rapid growth alarmen
2 make your day alarmen
3 i am audiophobic pt I nerthus
4 i am audiophobic pt II nerthus
5 so smooth mandelbrot
6 ghost of jupiter-ngc 3242 spherical disrupted
7 arctic circle spherical disrupted
8 frozen sunlight zero degree