the revenge of the incredible three. act183.2

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the revenge of the incredible three. mp3 album

ant-zen. act183.2

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excerpt from mission report: '...el paso to valentine to del rio. arrested three mexicans ... bootleggers. in absence of sheriff guarded them till his return. to ensign. called by attack of musician during a live concert. venue burned in fight. no arrests. brought musician to del rio. prevented lynching of hip hop musician. arrested sheriff. transferred hip hop musician to safe place. traced rumour of mexican raiders operating on this side border. unfounded. arrested white man with boatload of stolen musical tracks. chased an outlaw into mexico. killed our horses. no arrest. nursed maltreated idm musician. got him home over river. arrested four mainstream rock musicians for attacking him. shot two ... not fatally. called to ensign. no arrest. recorded a track. started with ambient synths. had to add broken beats and distorted vocals, but had to keep the rhythm straight. to del rio. arrested rioters in gambler's resort. chased them with posse. no arrests. recorded a second track. had to add more distortion to this one. decided to use a four-to-the-floor beat and a slide guitar. to ensign, to cargo, to junction, to del rio after an outlaw and murderer ... was shot making arrest. jail torn down by his pals. wounded again in fight. had to kill the outlaw....' - to be continued -. packaging: 7'' cover (special paper) + 3 postcards.


1 ambush at gun creek
2 the arm of vengeance