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struktura is dedicated to the present life of tokee, the changes he walked through, his new personal inner peace. struktura expresses all of his experiences during the years and the findings tokee made that time. struktura is an album with a lot of draft. well thought out and produced clever. spherical pads and melodies, combined with wonderful pianos meet crushing and powerful idm beats. the feelings and the love that emanates from this album is noticeable at any time. struktura is a wonderful journey into the world and into the head of tokee. the trip is definitely worth it to do. so pack your spiritual bags and travel.....


1 plasma membrane
2 nucleus
3 cytoplasm
4 cytoskeleton
5 ribosomes
6 endoplasmic reticulum
7 golgi apparatus
8 lysosomes
9 mitochondria
10 vacuoles
11 chloroplasts