intensive collectivity known as city. ta083

intensive collectivity known as city. cd

tympanik audio. ta083

iranian ambient producer idlefon presents his debut album ‘intensive collectivity known as city’. a haunting yet beautiful collection of soundscapes and ambiance, this collection of sounds ebb and flow like a gentle tide, calibrating the subconscious and aligning the soul. complex and intricate beats blend with ambient textural sounds, signed by distant voices and enticing melodies to create a wondrous world where responsibilities are disregarded and time is infinite. packaging: 4-panel digipak


1 kuchinawa
2 where voices vanish
3 fairlight
4 reminiscence
5 in the sea
6 intensive collectivity
7 ikigami
8 benight
9 of rust
10 pretend it’s spring (with siavash amini)
11 pickers of empty cocoons (with nima pourkarimi)