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being a member of the legendary, now defunct german industrial project thorofon, geneviéve pasquier released her first work as a solo artist in 2003. her first record, 'virgin thoughts' caused enthusiastic reactions by both listeners and reviewers. the result was a mix of electronic/post-industrial music and 80s-minimal-electro with a frigid but soulful voice. these even tempered tracks attracted a german and international fan base. 'soap bubble factory' is geneviéve's first album on cd - her previous efforts were vinyl only. all 12 cd tracks have never been released and they explore dark, electronic soundscapes ('elements', 'mind-whore'), sensuous industrial tunes ('remember', 'tu es le star') and driving retro-electro-songs ('existance', soap bubble factory'). the vocals are perfectly balanced between being sung and spoken (in english and french) - and there's even enough space left for a little poem! 'soap bubble factory' is a perfect example of an artist converting their roots into something new. if references are requested then there are certain similarities to cosey fanni tutti, caroline k or mrs. arafna / november növelet. geneviéve pasquier is now a name that should be mentioned along with these musicians. packaging: jewelcase edition w/ special paper booklet.


1 elements
2 remember
3 mind-whore
4 catwalk
5 existance
6 i am not yours
7 tu es le star
8 soap bubble factory
9 lyrics
10 disappointed expectations
11 l'apparence c'est tout
12 conversation