zurück aus der kyrokammer. bubble16

zurück aus der kyrokammer. cd, mp3 album

bazooka joe. bubble16

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after spending four years in a cyrogenic chamber, the mysterious performer and composer rasputeen came back to the outside world turning his very own points of view into sound and lyrics. it took bazooka joe six months to publish these recordings, and as with each of this artist's releases, it was worth the wait! 'zurück aus der kyrokammer' presents rasputeen’s most diverse body of work so far, which stylistically ranges from eighties-influenced minimal electro pop, easy listening and technoid electro to harsh rhythmic industrial and abrasive noise. even within the tracks then normal musical boundaries do not exist, f.e. you can hear funky horn riffs embedded in an aggressive industrial tune. the german lyrics on all fourteen tracks mix up topics like consumption, relationships and social criticism with a vexing lot of surrealism, which has been rasputeen's trademark since the beginning. whether you use this album for cogitation, abreaction, or pleasure - join rasputeen's unrivaled multiverse and welcome him back from the cold!


1 neue zeiten neue sieger
2 katzenmusik
3 meine räder
4 männer und frauen
5 kleiner bastard
6 der kleine hunger
7 blumen giessen vergessen
8 wie die geier
9 alte liebe rostet nicht
10 wir stellen uns quer
11 auf und nieder
12 schweinerei
13 süsse sonne
14 die nacht sendet ihre signale