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some time ago newt newport, director of the uk based role playing games company d101 games asked keith “keef” baker if he would be interested in doing a soundtrack for a science fiction roleplaying game he was going to release. he agreed, and spent about a year of preparation absorbing and analysing sci-fi based soundtracks passively before he started to compose the score for 'river of heaven'. trying to capture the heart of those soundtracks while creating a feel that reaches forward towards the future, this digital release by keith's newly established moniker slipdrive includes a combination of kraftwerk, tangerine dream, john carpenter, and music for games and movies like 'mass effect' and 'tron legacy', charged with prog rock and melodic idm elements. a mix of bright powerful analogue sounds, springy reverbs, throbbing basses, hypnotic sequences and contrarhythms will all guide your way following the feel and storyline of the very own 'river of heaven' cosmos. space may be the final frontier...but it is not empty. and with this album it need not be silent either.


1 stepping out into the bright age
2 arrival in the kentauran hegemony
3 slow decent into jericho low orbit
4 nova byzantium a thousand spires of light
5 step daughter
6 behold the wonders of the visser cube!
7 machine collective wants to play
8 islands in a sea of stars
9 earth is lost
10 reunion
11 legacy of the spooks
12 the coming renunciation