v.a. - frost vol. two. bup016

v.a. - frost vol. two. cd

basic unit productions. bup016

part two of the 'frost' compilation series featuring unreleased tracks by square7, divider, dsx & sid lamar, liebknecht, blac kolor, blush response, bombardier, querpusher, the horrorist, and marching dynamics. finest electronic sounds for a reasonable price! more info soon!


1 grossstolpen square7
2 ontological discord divider
3 black clouds separated dsx & sid lamar
4 next-club version liebknecht
5 silicone for your mind blac kolor
6 body hammer blush response
7 hidden razor bombardier
8 emptyset-subspace distorters vs. lfo rmx querpusher
9 the man master the horrorist
10 zeal marching dynamics