prologue. adn179

prologue. cd

ad noiseam. adn179

following the larger-than-life 'silent siren' and preceding a new album as a full-band, 'prologue' is an instrumental, introvert musical dialogue between dean rodell and ivan shopov. if both are known for their beat-driven music, underhill's new album is what they listen to and write when the time comes for calm moments and beauty. a melancholic and beautiful play of acoustic tones, dub atmospheres and electronic glitches, 'prologue' provides a welcome respite to an overdriven electronic scene and does so with subtlety and humanity.


1 all that glitters
2 happier
3 folded
4 the land of grey
5 your mind
6 thousand yard stare
7 prologue (featuring mytrip)
8 two keys black
9 please specify