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the debut album 'alset' by musician giuseppe fallacara aka 'glanko' tells the story of genius nikola tesla. quite similar to the complexity of the topic, 'alset' is a comprehensive mixture between hard-driving rhythms and tense harmonies in a hazy way. these components evolve into a kind of transparent energy created by analogue sound generators, sound filters and numerous sound effects. alienated guitar parts dive into dynamic idm beats and bring the songs alive. nothing remembers of a classical guitar sound anymore. peaceful parts transform into highly charged impulses again and again and reveal their complexity in every track of this album perfectly. it’s not overloaded with harmonies - 'alset” contains a multifarious sound catching the listener’s attention all the time.


1 set a
2 vathal
3 prol5
4 ac
5 set b
6 lex
7 mochiron
8 2244
9 set c
10 transform hn