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ant-zen. act314

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"commissioned by the pan-national ayn rand institute in 2013, the new black lung album features motivational pieces specifically designed for workspace, gym, competition cycling, internal value conditioning and reflexive behavior modification events. the beats are energetic, the soundscapes contemplative. as a physical product of sound, these pieces clearly provide inspiration and enjoyment, but they truly exist to transmit a deeper purpose. ideas. the battle of ideas is raging. and we at pnari are engaged on many fronts – education, research, public outreach, business outreach and art among them. the future begins in ideas - today. we take the arts very seriously indeed, because the seeds of today’s art germinate tomorrow. and now, thanks in no small part to the many generous contributions of our patrons, we are active in an exciting new sphere: sonic philosophy – communications on a perceptible and non-perceptible audio-environmental level. but enough from me. put the record on, drink in its splendid moral grandeur and rest easy in the knowledge that this powerful weapon is moving civilization toward the freedom in which greatness can thrive and prosper." (xavier brookes, the pan-national ayn rand institute, may 2014)....'the great golden goal' delivers a highly functional palette of technoid electro tunes with slight hints to classic electronic body music. driving analogue drum patterns build the foundation for pulsing bass riffs and warm, moody synth pads, offering fast forward tracks designed to make you move. there is not much space left for contemplation, take a deep breath and be prepared for the two concluding remixes by munter s. thomson and monster zoku onsomb! making their very own interpretation of black lung's motivational intention.


1 the business of selling
2 the prophet margin
3 the great golden goal
4 the cold call
5 access to excess
6 hype & drive
7 options/solutions
8 the great equalizer
9 consumption deluxe
10 the trickle-down effect
11 we dream of the pyramid scheme
12 the brotherhood of saturn
13 a valuable two minutes for contemplation
14 the business of selling (munter s. thomson remix)
15 the business of buying (monster zoku onsomb! remix)