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angel position is fragment king's first full-length album for the megahertz label. the album's 8+1 pieces were written and recorded between 2008 and 2010. the album was mastered in 2012 by bazooka ( and includes his remix for the track 'nullifier'. massive sound architecture is created and confronted with something that dwells within: intense human emotion. both ensnare and entrench each other. the human soul in its black iron prison, smashing the walls of noise surrounding it. yearning, desiring, running, crushing. this machinery, the duality of what we can never touch and what never sets us free from its grasp – soul and matter – is the album's principal theme. personal politics, injury and defeat emerge here as indicators of individual doom. withdraw? abandon? evacuate? angel position is the question and the answer. in the other we recognize ourselves, but only in confronting ourselves we can find peace. each piece of the album documents this passage, from rabid resistance to screams of desolation to bitter defeat and the calm of oblivion. the body descends, while the soul rises. in the love economy, everybody is a product, face value is the key, and nothing seems deeper than skin. purchase, consume, dispose. however, in truth, this is a lie, and we can feel it. its fragments intrude into fk's music similar as death, destroying it and leaving behind a wasteland of lost souls. but the tyrant love shall fall, and in the war on silence, fragment king prevails.


1 mobilize
2 nullifier
3 statute
4 constellations
5 greater than man
6 the squealing of the pigs
7 angel position
8 kingdom
9 nullifier (bazooka’s warhead remix)