embracing the unknown. mtr016

atiq & enk
embracing the unknown. cd

mindtrick records. mtr016

since mindtrick has released the album by atiq & enk 'fear of the unknown' last year on 2x12'' they have been playing with the idea to do something special with the music. it became an entire new album which is called 'embracing the unknown' and it will be released in a special digipak cd case. some artists which collaborated on this release are roel funcken (funckarma), dutch electronica favourite julien mier, semiomime aka dj hidden, and drum and bass extremists sinister souls just to name a few. also lowriders own evs and fellow rotterdam junglist deformer delivered their vision on atiq & enk`s album. another great fact about one of the remixes is that atiq remixed one of his own tracks 'moonlit tea party' for this release which came out rather different than his former collaboration with enk. all in all this release is a rather special collection of tracks and really adds something special to the already great album pushing the boundaries and taking the tracks into new unexplored dimensions of sonic realities.


1 intro
2 moonlit tea party (tangent remix)
3 stay with the familiar (zinovia vocalized remix)
4 shards of brilliance (julien mier remix)
5 moonlit tea party (semiomime remix)
6 slow clouds (roel funcken remix)
7 my obligation (the illuminated remix)
8 what was that (inofaith remix)
9 sim one (evs pretty annoying remix)
10 stay with the familiar (deeb remix)
11 like an angel's feather (hajee remix)
12 moonlit tea party (cyance remix)
13 the moment of truth (he3dless remix)
14 moonlit tea party (atiq`s cup of tea remix)
15 sim one (deformer remix)
16 like an angels feather (sinister souls remix)