unleashed 1990-1996. raub-022.5

unleashed 1990-1996. mp3 album

raubbau. raub-022.5

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nine tracks saved from eternal oblivion, rightfully called 'unleashed', because this is not for the weak of mind or the feeble-hearted. very industrial and noise-heavy, with ominous groans, piercing noises ('woodstock mayhem') and hellish samples ('dead mummy'). 'random' is just pure unadulterated darkness, 'cut/up/news' is just that and 'unleashed' will finish you off with its dismal melody. a harrowing testament of isolation and alienation, surely the most intransigent piece of sound morthound has ever unleashed.


1 cut/up/news
2 woodstock mayhem
3 unreleased II
4 dead mummy
5 down the hall
6 random
7 schatten
8 thundra
9 unleashed