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ant-zen. dig034

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on this opus keef baker a.k.a. nomin is out to intrigue listeners with a myriad of abstract sound montages - a tour-de-force of haunting soundscapes and electro-acoustic treatments resulting in a fusion of darkest ambient and contemporary musique concréte. nomin crafts a compelling work of art where echoing drones, warm synth pads and discrete percussion alternate with intervals of silence and surreal found sound recordings. the twelve auditory landscapes blend almost imperceptibly with the listener's factual aural environment to the point where it is hard to tell the difference between. the digital album 'long live the king' is intended as an addendum, designed to be played on different speakers alongside nimon's album 'the king is dead' but also designed to live on its own. playing both releases simultaneously will produce a one-of-a-kind sound experience. the king is dead - long live the king!


1 everything fades in time
2 the best laid plans
3 choking on the cloying air
4 the damage is done
5 in the loft amongst debris
6 the fairest man
7 broken through wear
8 but to where?
9 i never could
10 nearly drowning
11 outwardly silent
12 the beginning of nights..