kurzwellengericht. hs011

l. iet & kurt bogenholtz
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halbsicht. hs011

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on the album 'kurzwellengericht' you'll not find conventional songs. it's more a collage of sounds in an unconventional way with a surprising structure. the sound of clear lines combines with dead tones which struggle against each other in the same track. reduced gloomy beats and exotic mechanical structures belong to a kind of experimental ambient sound in an inanimate way shaped by single rhythm patterns. special packaging: an engraved, transparent plexiglass box. this box contains not only the cd but also a print-out with information about the album. it is wrapped in a matt black plastic film with a 'kurzwellengericht'-logo printed on it. this album is not only an extreme pleasure to listen to - it also offers a clear, unique design. limited to 50 copies.


1 ebenes schallfeld
2 freiraumwelle
3 medienobservation
4 bandbreite
5 reflexion
6 klangmuseum
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