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ant-zen. act170

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"mobilität" was recorded live at roger rotor's studio in switzerland. speed as a factor of mobility is transferred into a constant flow. driving rhythmic patterns personate the basis for ambient soundscapes and field recordings. as telerotor's theory implies: mobility allows both telepherique and roger rotor to collaborate and merge both solo projects into one. no rest allowed - time is separated into 4/4 beats, more than familiar to those living in 'modern times'. packaging: digipak (matt paper) + 6p booklet.


1 gelatinedynamit
2 risan
3 rain hill
4 zeitalter des tempos
5 lärmkulisse
6 regierender geist der maschine
7 non stop
8 verwischte konturen
9 geschwindigkeitsgesellschaft
10 tse
11 puffing billy