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ant-zen. act174

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‘dark skies over planet e.’ contains no less but 16 groundbreaking new tracks and an additional bonus 6-tracker ‘urban territory intruders’ featuring only collaboration tracks with the following projects: defragmentation (usa), needle sharing (g),sickboy(b), the mike vanraspaardenquartet (b), urban punk assassin (b) and actdramatik (b). this album is the pearl on more than a decade of hypnoskull-activities and is set to top even the highly rewarded ‘electronic music means war to us’album. bringing once again a very eclectic mix of various underground-electronic-astyles with a sharp edge, this album will please both open-minded industrial as well as other audiences. the album also includes the ‘100 test channels’track for whichhypnoskull asked 100 people to send in 5 seconds of audio. the result is a collection offieldrecordings, sounds, noises from whole around the world in just one track.


1 enter the sick world (spoken word)
2 dark skies over planet e
3 the frozen army of drummachines
4 terrorstress
5 elektromutant (feat. trivial gender and tunnel)
6 enter the empire
7 bassreflexx countdown
8 breathe all energy (spoken word)
9 image flash / 15feet above
10 don’t mess with the big s. (introducing the big s.)
11 system syntax (the poke injection)
12 global e. / future clash
13 the center of the cyclone (feat. ultrastatals!)
14 this state of being / terrorstress reworked
15 assault code free the floors
16 100 test channels / 5 seconds that will change your life
17 hypnoskull vs defragmentation : hypnofragmentation
18 hypnoskull vs act dramatik : nostalgia
19 hypnoskull vs sickboy : let’s hear it for the hardcore !
20 hypnoskull vs needle sharing : shift break
21 hypnoskull vs mike van raspaarden quartet : jazzkommando
22 hypnoskull vs urban punk assassin : break tha’ rules !