2 dots left. adn172

2 dots left. cd

ad noiseam. adn172

a hidden treasure no more: monolog propels himself to the forefront of cutting edge drum'n'bass and electronica with this amazingly intense album. a lesson in music production and an impressive display of controlled madness, '2 dots left' is a tour de force made of deep basses, very percussive beats and high tempos. monolog manages to makes his what most people could only experiment with and comes up with something which, while overwhelming at first, proves to be extremely absorbing and rewarding.


1 mutestates
2 viable
3 the siva
4 one damn given
5 aisbear (featuring tone)
6 jabs and blocks
7 reburn
8 estrangement (featuring dean rodell)
9 method to madness (featuring swarm intelligence)
10 harvest in the field (featuring cooh)
11 gas stations make me smoke
12 flak anthem
13 thecho