predatory things of a minute. mtr012

predatory things of a minute. cd

mindtrick records. mtr012

delete is the alias of a russian producer who makes experimental electronic music which can be described as something between ambient, dubstep & future garage. in his tracks he refers to the country's past soviet history: music, movies, newsreel footage - all of this finds its reflection in delete's music, which allows him to discern his self from other producers, working in a similar direction. delete tunes are often played by clubroot, dfrnt, nocow, solitude.


1 70-year dream (prologue)
2 left to wander
3 natasha
4 remember us
5 in situ
6 1937
7 is that you?
8 body language
9 neva
10 one must fall
11 …and now to consume forever (epilogue)
12 remember us (roof light remix)
13 remember us (lostlojic remix)