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[basementgrrr] is a one-man idm/industrial project, based in germany. his musical background comes from all genres in music, but mainly focuses on electronic music. with arrival / departure he presents his debut album. nine beautiful, rhythmic and spherical idm tracks are waiting to be discovered. the perfect album for a night ride. arrival / departure takes you into his own universe and will not let you. this is a fantastic entry of [basementgrrr]. including remixes of brazda lui novac and mind.divided.


1 room 173
2 24 hours sleepless in new york city
3 gothenburg
4 down brixton road with dub in my head
5 subhuman station
6 transit
7 illuminated skylines
8 room 173 (behind closed doors remix by mind.divided)
9 gothenburg (brazda lui novac remix)