interface. ap28

frontier guards
interface. cd

aliens production. ap28

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once again, signifier and aliens production label team up to release the very best in dark electronic music to a worldwide audience. frontier guards returns to the scene after a lengthy hiatus to bring forth a killer follow up to 2008's 'predestination'. hailing from the czech republic, martin pavlik and thomas galle have been hard at work on their new album entitled, 'interface'. featuring nine exceptional new dark electro tracks with a decidedly dark ambient bent and an original remix from wyvern origin, frontier guards prevails with dance floor friendly music for the discerning listener. don't miss this genre defining release with its intermittent catching vocals, dark synths, and progressive ebm structures. don't miss this exciting new release; 'interface' seems destined to become a genre classic. for fans of disharmony, otx, and individual totem.


1 four ways
2 doppelganger
3 dark age
4 at the end
5 narrowest path
6 behind the tunnel
7 interface
8 civitas dei
9 cum spiro spero
10 narrowest path (wyvern origin remix)