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indistinct face. cd

tympanik audio. ta072

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bold and original in its own right, undermathic’s 3rd studio album 'indistinct face' flows with maturity and refinement, imparting a kaleidoscope of sounds that saturate the listener’s subconscious. like a rush of blood to the head, undermathic unleashes epic waves of lush strings and cordial atmospheres accentuated by seductive melodies and a carefully-balanced tapestry of beats. a daring and significant album that virtually comes alive from the very start and embraces the listener with a contrast of taut yet introspective cinematic soundscapes that stimulate the mind’s eye. recommended for fans of ginormous. packaging: 6-panel digipak.


1 still on the border
2 three different worlds
3 simply ask
4 indistinct face
5 our desires
6 stones
7 colorize
8 hope in his eyes
9 i will show you these places
10 when
11 distinct premonition