anonymous (ep). bup005

anonymous (ep). 12"

basic unit productions. bup005

it doesn't take eons for change to occur. the high speed flood of information and data in the present age demonstrates this impressively. it´s refreshing then, when a music project obscures the numbers and bits of our digital age in secrecy, in order to clear the way for the real essence: the music. dsx is such a project. despite the artist´s reservation regarding his identity, insiders already know: dsx is the first solo project by dejan samardzic, founding member of haujobb and to this day partner of daniel myer in this cult electronic act. with this project, samardzic unconditionally devotes himself to his love for electronic analog 80s sound without losing track of the future: cold, dark and uncompromising, new and old simultaneously - a homage and a utopia. this debut 4-track ep 'anonymous' is an act of liberation, brushing aside genre boundaries, indefinable. the ultimate outcome are songs, that one could call post-post modern. music, that is well aware of its roots, although still facing up to todays questions. packaging: full colour cover with 3mm spine.


1 demoniac (feat. emily steigerwald)
2 don't resist
3 anonymous (feat. ghst)
4 information war