simulations 2.0. act169

simulations 2.0. cd, mp3 album

ant-zen. act169

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ant-zen presents stephen sawyer's follow-up to last years 'simulations 1.0'. once again, the listener dives into a strange parallel universe that is populated by dark ambiences, paralyzing sub-basses and cold-sounding rhythms. the rhythmic part of l'ombres’ work has also increased and on 'simulations 2.0' you can find unusual references - such as slow dark hop oriented beats and loops that are overlaid with smooth synth soundscapes, soundtrackish samples and filter manipulations. a perusal of the 7 remixes done by ab ovo, enduser, hecq, mimetic, displacer and s:cage reveals reverberated distorted beats, drum'n'bass / breakbeats or straight ambient polyrhythmic percussion/synth lines - adding a stylistic diversity to l'ombres ‘simulations 1.0 and 2.0. packaging: gatefold sleeve w/ metallic paper.


1 relax it's digital
2 city speak
3 subway tunnel advertising
4 jackhammer blues
5 no referent
6 vanishing point
7 relax it's digital [ab ovo remix]
8 urban estate [enduser remix]
9 reality loop [hysteria jive by hecq]
10 interlocultion [mimetic remix]
11 city speak [displacer remix]
12 off course [s:cage remix]
13 reality loop [hecqs echo implant]
14 world of strangers