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volkhoven' is swanika’s 2nd fullength – a full-on confrontation with the deepest abyss of human psyche, based on incidents impossible to comprehend. the album is fuelled by fierce powerful noise blasts and operates as a numbing sonic purgatory. while swanika’s hellish debut 'hotel' was based on the fictional horror of 'shining', this album is based on the very real horror of the killing spree of volkhoven, a rural community on the outskirts of cologne. on 11th june 1964, invalidity pensioner walter seifert set to take revenge on the authorities and aimed for the weakest victims he could find: the children of the same primary school he had visited himself. he entered the school grounds with a self-built flame thrower and a lancet. in the only fragmentarily reconstructed course of his amok run he severely wounded 20 children, and killed eight, as well as two teachers. swanika’s 'volkhoven' serves documentary purposes for an event largely forgotten and follows the sequence of what happened on that dreaded day as close as possible: the first track '11.06.1964 8:54 uhr' is a 13 minute collage of playing children’s voices, bass/guitar lines, whispered vocals (proclaiming someone wants to kill), eerie synthetic backdrop and occasional metallic rhythms, altogether quite surreal and rather accessible, with the noise building up steadily. the forecourt to hell seems almost likeable, but then… in the end of the track one hears the whispered names of the ten victims to come, and the unthinkable starts at '11.06.1964 9:06 uhr' - 53 minutes of purifying, horrifying noise, divided into ten sections of five minutes, each dedicated to one of seifert’s victims, plus a short outro. this mirrors the fact that what had happened was quickly suppressed in the public’s memory and never gained the notoriety of similar incidents, possibly because seifert was beyond question paranoid and schizophrenic, and he never went to court for his action, as he had poisoned himself lethally that very day. the elements included in swanika’s noise opera are harshest feedbacks, punchy rhythms, fierce guitar drones, screamed vocals and other shredded sonic fragments. 'musically' this is not an inch short of other masters of noise, may the come from japan or elsewhere. 'volkhoven' comes in a black foldout cardboard cover with silver printing, depicting the flame thrower seifert used, as well as rare pictures of the burnt school barracks. excruciatingly real, swanika again propel you towards the heart of darkness.


1 11.06.1964 8:54 uhr
2 getrud bollenrath
3 ursula kuhr
4 ingeborg hahn
5 karin reinhold
6 renate fühlen
7 ruth hoffmann
8 dorothea binner
9 klara kröger
10 stephan lischka
11 rosel röhrig
12 untitled