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at beginning of 2012 this notorious project from düsseldorf developed and grew from the duo of marcel and chris van blumen into a mighty trio, completed by drummer malte who has many years of performing and recording under his belt in several punk bands. it may have taken a year of persuasion for marcel and chris to convince malte to join - but in short it was worth the effort. in fact, all three members were born in the same city (actually at the same hospital) so it was only going to be a matter of time before they completed this crackingly good consolidation. on 'distrust authority' 100blumen assimilate a wide range of influences from oldschool hardcore and noise rock to electro breaks and even dubstep. the result is a dense, highly explosive barrage of acoustic and electronic sound attacks - dirty, mean, massive and emotional. if you compare the original versions of 'klimaveränderung' and 'unbreakable' from the 'down with the system...' album with the reworked tracks on this album, the difference the lineup change has made is clearly audible. deep subbasses and atmospheric synth sequences backed by tight beats are topped with slicing guitar chords and furious vocal assaults - the aggression of (post) punk is paired with the complexity of breakbeat and electro. open up your mind - listen hard - distrust authority!


1 intro
2 your hearts
3 in shining armour
4 police truck
5 all cats are beautiful
6 driving back to hell
7 distrust authority
8 klima 2
9 (still) unbreakable
10 bloodshed