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underwater pilots
endless. cd

zweieck. zwe024

endless features 13 tracks of unique synth pop that should be very suitable for fans of covenant, seabound or vnv. but according to their name, underwater pilots, the project of manuel g. richter (xabec) and gregoire vanoli, expand those styles by many own additions: low male vocals, machine beats, synth-arpeggios, subtle depth and sometimes dark atmospheres as well as grainy clicks. endless is a modern sounding journey, an album that unfolds more and more after multiple listens. reviews like '...an electropop bomb that will be hard to beat this year...' says it all. featuring daniel myer (haujobb) on one track.


1 your soul
2 mind modulation
3 storm
4 mindscape
5 little
6 reach out
7 nothing left
8 rely
9 final illusion
10 everything
11 snowflakes
12 still canĀ“t be simple (feat. daniel myer)
13 trophy (computer vs. underwater pilots)