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a polymath is a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas. in music, cycler connected the term with a trip through various perspectives of sound. it seems that something is very familiar to your ears, yet everything is new. there's chaos and structure, chill and energy. the tracks progression leads the listener into a state of high musical meditation. it relaxes you by providing just a glimpse of explosive hidden energy. it's like having the force of obi-wan kenobi but not feeling any urge to use it. everything is chill. and cyclic. ioan bârladeanu was born on may 16 1980 in constanța. he studied product design at the 'george enescu' arts university of iași, currently living as a freelance artist in bucharest, romania. either if he's working on specialty movie props and prototypes or not, ioan often finds a mental refuge into sound creation. it's a mind-soothing mantra, starting with an initial phrase, tweaking and rearranging it into a result often different from the initial impulse, as his thoughts also rearrange. as he has a special consideration for rhythm, repetition, cycle, the name 'cycler' occurred.


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