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x3d5 is an industrial music project from volgograd (russia). his first three albums have been published on the st. petersburg based label "subwise". with "purple face of chaos", vitaly stromchinsky is presenting us his fourth album. the mood of "purple face of chaos" is wonderfully conveyed by the songs from dark to curious. sometimes hard rhythms pumping out of the speakers ,as often and good as, beautiful sound carpets with glitched beats. wonderfully chosen voice samples tells a proper story. a dark story! “purple face of chaos” is intelligent produced industrial music.


1 xibalbá
2 fatal level of blood
3 last year's murder of lie
4 nitrid
5 in a belly (omaggio ad william s. burroughs)
6 diagonalic forms
7 orphx - surface (x3d5 adaptation)
8 vintage landscapes
9 itzamna