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ultra milkmaids started in 1993 as a trio. the third member, oliver, left the group in 1997 and the remaining brothers jan and rodolphe turned the former punk/noise/ambient/rock formation into the soundscape-oriented project we know today - take the 'peps' cd on duebel or the 'disco_2k ep' vinyl on ant-zen for example. u.m. had already announced 'pop pressing' in interviews: "maybe our music became more 'listenable'" -- they said. to answer the question "what do you mean, listenable?" there was... "pop! rock! dance music! choose your own!" maybe you think that u.m. is 'closing the circle' by returning to their guitar-oriented roots but what we have here is not quite a circle - maybe it is an ellipsis? an egg? or something entirely non-geometric ! but let's be brief now: undeniably, 'pop pressing' is still the milkies at their best. the first tracks contain the atmospheric soundscapes that listeners of 'peps' are familiar with. pure electronica as it seems - until 'go go...' where u.m. shows their virtuosity in creating these soundscapes with flageoletted guitars, a short saxophone intercourse and the usage of the good old analog delay every 80s-guitarist knows so well... you are still reading and you are hopefully still listening - but wait what is this? it is track 10. if you already have the ant-zen compilation 'daruma', 'my personal tv system won't be that surprising, but if you don't - yes, this is still the u.m. psychedelia, but no, this is not stereolab playing drums, electric bass and rhythm guitar - here you will find the postrock-basics with the electronica add-ons, perfectly combined. and if you liked the milkies' personal tv system, you will love the final track of this album - an aural greeting from the egg's top to sonic youth...


1 1...2...4...6...
2 my electric ladddy land
3 go go ...
4 ... guitars
5 gard massy p.
6 kra ...
7 ne(n)ver
8 ... ak
9 pop star
10 balade
11 my personal tv system
12 slo_drum
13 %
14 new w(m)ind